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Shipping delays

Due to the current pandemic, there may be slight delays in shipping depending on the country. Before ordering any products from the site, please make sure that your country is able to receive mail or packages from Sweden.

Cosmicaa is not responsible for any loss of item due to shipping delays or once the item has been placed with the shipping carrier. 

What materials do you use?

All of my stickers are printed on premium matte sticker paper. The textures vary from silky smooth to matte. Some products also include heat activated foil for that special touch.


Minor imperfections

Some of our foiling can have minor imperfections where the foil hasn't settled properly, so there can be some black dots. This is, unfortunately, the nature of foiling. While we try to minimize any such dots, there can be minor imperfections.


What are Coffee Beans?

Coffee Beans are points you can accumulate as a member when you make a purchase on the website. Points can then be used for rewards, discounts and other offers.