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The perfect sticker paper? And shop launch day!

Shop launch day! ^___^ You can find my shop here: Etsy shop

The perfect sticker paper

These past few weeks, I've been on the hunt for the perfect sticker paper. So far, I've tried out several different types of sticker paper, including OnlineLabels. While I've settled for a thin, matte paper for my planner stickers, I have plans to upgrade it to waterproof matte vinyl within the next few weeks. Hopefully before Christmas, if I sell out the 300 sheets I have currently in stock.

It's been difficult to find good quality, cheap sticker paper, especially as a resident in Europe. Most of my research has shown that a lot of North Americans buy from OnlineLabels, but I find their sticker paper... a bit too thin. It's nice quality, but not the high quality that I was hoping for. It will, however, have to do for now. I plan on investing more and more in the quality of my products over the course of the next few months.

Image compression on Etsy

On a different note, I realized today that Etsy has some very aggressive image compression for all photos. Despite uploading quality images, my listing photos end up grainy, blurry and overall not very... professional-looking. 🙁 This is extremely frustrating. I've ordered two softboxes to bump up my lighting effects, so hopefully when those arrive, I should be able to update my listings with better quality images.

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New chapter!

So, apparently opening a sticker/planner shop is a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I was expecting bumps along the way, and had a lot of contingency plans set in place. For example, I've set up a deadline of a month to get everything in order before I actually open the shop, so I have content and a good amount of stocked items.

Unfortunately, this came to a speedy halt yesterday when my printer decided to start printing uneven lines so my designs now look choppy. 😞 After a couple of hours of trying to figure things out, including troubleshooting and relentless google searches... I've concluded my little Pixma printer of four years has now become obsolete. Well, at least when it comes to sticker designs. It seems to still work for printing regular documents.

Sooooo... I bought a new printer today. Good news is, it's a Canon professional photo printer. 😀

Bad news is, it'll be in stock on October 16th (originally October 26th), so that sets me back another two weeks at the least.

Ultimately, I think I'm going to have to set my shop opening deadline for November at this rate, which means I'll miss Halloween. But, that means plenty of time to prepare a potential Black Friday sale and start working on goodies for Christmas!

I'll update this blog over the course of the next few weeks to keep you guys in the loop.

Wish me luck!


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